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Open Tennis World is a free tennis ladder software which helps you to set up and manage your tennis ladder, tennis club or tennis tournament so easily. You can create a round robin league, a playoff tournament or a challenge ladder. We evaluate all players using the same ranking system (Elo Rating System) so everybody can see their level not only in their ladders, clubs but also in the area and in the world.


Take a tour and explore all of the features that Open Tennis World supports:

  • Set up and manage your challenge ladders, clubs and tournaments.
  • Store match results, head-to-head record.
  • Automatically evaluate player's skill level and rankings.
  • Support match's videos.
  • Quick and easy ways to communicate between members.
  • Fun betting with your friends.

Give us a try. We assure you that Open Tennis World will add more fun to your favorite games!

Basic Information
Administrator Open Tennis World
Members 516
NTRP Level 1.0 to 7.0
Privacy Public
Created Sep 16, 2013
Location Planet Earth
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  • The initial ranking of players on the ladder is based on their current points
  • A player may challenge any other player above his or her position who is within a range of 5.
  • Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at a time.
  • Members are not required to accept more than one challenge per week. However, members must accept valid challenges from other members, or accept a loss by default. Players are not required to accept a challenge from another player they have defeated withinthe past two weeks.
  • Member will be deducted 100 points if he or she doesn't play any match in 30 days unless there's a valid reason.
  • The standard match format for the ladder is 2 sets and 11 points tie-break if neccessary. However, players can agree on any match format based on the condition. If players can't come to an agreement then they must use the standard format.
Ranking System

Players' points are calculated based on Elo rating system, which is considered the most accurate system for ranking player ability. After each match, the winning player will take points from the opponent. The number of points that the winner takes is calculated based on the winner's current points, opponent's points and the importance of the match. If enough number of matches are played, the best players will be at the top of your ladder. Any match format can be used.

More information about Elo rating system can be found here: Help

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Madison Network
Madison, WI
Syracuse Network
Syracuse, NY
Hanoi Network
Hanoi, Vietnam
Calgary Network
Calgary, Canada
FLAC Junior Ladder Ladder
Elkhorn, WI
Demo Network
San Francisco Bay Network
San Francisco, CA
UFC Ladder
JJs Club
Hoi Giao Luu Tennis Club
ha Noi
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Xanh Chin Mua Dong 2013
San VTV My Dinh
US Open 2013 Double
NYC, New York
Tokyo 2014
AUS 2014
Sony Open Tennis 2014
Miami, U.S.A.

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