A Tennis ladder is a ranking of Tennis players in order of their performance. We evaluate players performance based on their match results submitted. A player can challenge other players on the same ladder who are within her/his permitted range.

Tennis ladder is the best way for a group of players who often hit with each other to keep track of their match results. It also make the game more fun and competitive.

Tennis tournament, like any other tournaments, is a group of players compete with each other to select the best player. Tennis tournament can be round robin, playoff or mixed.

Tennis club, network, world are kind of a ladder with some differences:

  • A club can contain many ladders and tournaments.
  • A network can contain many ladders, tournaments, and clubs.
  • A world can contain many ladders, tournaments, clubs, and networks.
(*you might need super admin's permission to create tournaments directly belonged to a network or world)

When signing up for OTW, you are given a certain points according to the skill level claimed. Your points will increase when you win a match and decrease when you loose.

How many points increase or decrease in each match depends on the adjustment factor "K" and the difference between your points and your opponent's. It doesn't depend on the margin of win or lose

  • If you beat a stronger player, you get more points and, vice versa, if you beat a weaker player, you get less points
  • Adjustment factor "K" is the maximum point a player wins or looses in a match. K depends on the match importance and how many matches the player has been playing. For examples:
    • K of a tournament match is greater than that of a practice match.
    • At the beginning, K of a player is 220. It will be reduced to 122 after this player played 10 or more matches

Ex: We have 4 players A, B, C, D in our ladder

A has 500 points
B has 500 points
C has 900 points
D has 100 points
Suppose K factors for all of those players are the same: 220

  • if A beats B: A gains 110 (K/2) points and B looses 110 points
  • if A beats C: A gains ~ 200 points and C looses 200 points
  • if A beats D: A only gains ~ 22 points and C looses 22 points

If you are interested in the math behind it, you can start from here: Elo Rating System


  • Reward: On top of Elo points, we reward each participant 5 points for playing a match.
  • Deteoration: If a player doesn't play any match in 30 days, her/his points will be deducted 20 in each week afterward until she/he starts playing again.

Double has their separate points and they are calculated in a very similar way as single points, using the same Elo rating system.

When two players, say P1 & P2, play with each other as a double for the first time, the double (P1, P2)'s points is the average of those two players' single points.

After that, the double (P1, P2)'s point is updated based on the double's match results is the same way as single points are calculated.


  • Double point of (P1, P2) is not related to double point of (P1, P3)
  • Once a (P1, P2) double match result is submitted, not only the double points of the pair (P1, P2) is updated but P1 and P2 single points are slightly changed too.


Four players P1, P2, P3, P4 have 500, 600, 700, 800 single points respectively. If they play a double match for the first time where (P1, P2) upsets (P3, P4) then their single and double points will be calculated as below:

Before match:

  • (P1, P2)'s points before the match: (500 + 600) / 2 = 550
  • (P3, P4)'s points before the match: (700 + 800) / 2 = 750

After match, according to Elo guideline:

  • (P1, P2) is rewarded ~ 150 points -> (P1, P2) points = 550 + 150 = 700
  • (P3, P4) lost ~ 150 points -> (P3, P4) points = 750 - 150 = 600
  • P1's points ~ 500 + 150 / 8 ~ 519
  • P2's points ~ 600 + 150 / 8 ~ 619
  • P3's points ~ 700 - 150 / 8 ~ 681
  • P4's points ~ 800 - 150 / 8 ~ 781

How To?

We recommend to create a club instead of a ladder. You can create tournaments and child ladders inside your club if needed. If you already created a ladder, you can convert it to a club by hitting the button in tab "Info".

  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the parrent group where you want to create your group.
  • Click on "Create Club", "Create Ladder" or "Create Tournament".
  • If you are creating a Ladder or Tournament, choose "Single" or "Double".

Fill in the form. You can leave most of them as default. There are some fields you might need to pay attention to:

  • Name: you don't need to add Tennis or Club/Ladder/Tournament to the name.
  • Privacy: to set how others view (info, rankings, matches, posts) and join your group.
    • Public: Non-members can view and join your group.
    • Approval: Non members can view but need your approval to join your group.
    • Private: Non members can not view and need your approval to join your group.
    • No matter what privacy you select, noone can see members' email addresses except group's admin.
    • Pending memberships are shown in tab Rankings. Admin will get notification email of membership requests.
  • Avatar url / Banner url: url to the image. They should start with http:// and ends by .jpg, .png or .gif

Only registered user can add videos. A video can be added to a video collection of a match, a ladder or a player.

  1. Navigate to the match/ladder/player page which you want to add video
  2. Click button: Add Video
  3. Put the video link (youtube) to 'Video URL'
  4. Click button: Check Link
  5. If it's valid url, a video player with 'Add Video' button will be displayed
  6. Click 'Add Video'


When adding a video to a collection, it will be added to other related collections too:

  • add video to a match
    will add video to participants and the match's ladder container, too
  • add video to a ladder
    adding video to normal (non-professional) ladder will add video to all parent ladders except WORLD, too.
    adding video to professional ladder will add video to all parent ladders including WORLD, too.
  • add video to a user, team
    will add video to the current ladder, too
    (* current ladder is the last ladder browsed)

  1. Sign in and hit "Fantasy Betting" in the navigation bar to go to http://www.opentennisworld.com/bets
  2. Go to 'My Profile'
  3. Navigate to an upcoming match you want to bet
  4. Pick the winner and bet amount
  5. Hit "Bet"

You can change your bet at any time before the match starts. We update your bet result when the match score is submitted.

Betting Credit

Betting credit is your current balance. You can not bet more than your balance.

You can get betting credit in many different ways:

  • Winning bets
  • Add related videos (highlight, full match, interview, ect.) from youtube to OTW matches in ongoing ATP/WTA tournaments

Note: You got $10 credit for each video if it's approved by our team (in usually no more than a day). You might get penalties for adding non-related videos.

Betting Points

Betting points are equal to your betting reward minus your betting amount. It shows how much you are winning or losing.

There are several way you can communicate with others in Open Tennis World

Send private email

This feature is comming soon. You can send private email to people in your friend list.

Post to a player's Wall

Once signed in, you can post on a player's Wall and that player will be notified of your post.

  1. Sign in your account
  2. Go to a player's page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom half, type a message into a text box
  4. Click 'Post'

Post to a match

Once signed in, you can post on a match and that match's participants will be notified of your post.
  1. Sign in your account
  2. Go to a match's page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom half, type a message into a text box
  4. Click 'Post'

Your message will show in the match's page and an notification email will be sent to the participants.

Post to a club/ladder/tournament

  1. Sign in your account
  2. Go to a club/ladder/tournament's page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom half, type a message into a text box
  4. Click 'Post'

Your message will show in the group's page and a notification email will be sent to all group's members. If you are admin, you can type in a subject to make it an article which will be showed on top of the page and in 'Article' section.

Not very FAQ

What do you serve but not eat?

A Tennis Ball.

Why should you never fall in love with a tennis player?

To them, "Love" means nothing.

If you couldn't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us