Volleys Lesson - The Drop Volley

http://webtennis.com/lesson-volleys/ - Click that link to get info on Brent's detailed 70+ minute lesson for your forehand & backhand volleys. "The 7 Must-Have Fundamentals Of The Forehand & Backhand Volleys" by Brent Abel - 2009 USA National 60 Hardcourt Singles Champion - 2009 World 60s Doubles Bronze Medalist - 2009 World 60s Singles Quarterfinalist - 2010 USA National 60s Hardcourt Doubles RunnerUp Go on over to http://webtennis.com/lesson-volleys/ and let's start re-building your volleys into lean & mean nasty low skidding shots! Put an end to your unforced volley errors. Start taking advantage of all of those put-away opportunities in both singles and doubles. http://webtennis.com/lesson-volleys/
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